What does boma mean?

The roots of the word “Boma” date back to Africa - the cradle of all mankind - and lie in the languages spoken in the African Great Lakes. The Boma was a sacred space for community gatherings and meaningful discussions to be had, a space where decisions were made and actions were taken.


About Boma Global

Boma Global is an emergent network of like minded communities, companies, institutions and partners around the world who provide transformational learning experiences, linked directly to outcomes, to drive change at a global scale.

Boma Global works at the intersection of technology, ethics, science, and art, designing a more human centric future.

Boma delivers transformational events, executive programs, workshops, and experiences, all geared towards tangible actions and outcomes.


The pacemakers


Lara Stein | Chairwoman & Founder Boma Global

Lara grew TED from a single event into TEDx, a volunteer global movement with 2.000 - 3.000 annual events. Then she took Singularity University global by successfully building up a decentralized for profit network.


Stephan Balzer | CEO & Founder Boma Germany

Stephan is a pioneer of the German new media scene. He is the founder of red onion GmbH in Berlin and launched TEDx in Germany and SingularityU Germany. He trained over 300 speakers and has more than 2.000 speaker relationships.


Kaila Colbin | CEO & Founder Boma New Zealand

Kaila is a futurist and business leader. She is Singularity University Ambassador for New Zealand and Australia, founder of TEDxChristchurch and TEDxScottBase in Antartica. She has 500+ speaker relationships which were trained by herself.


Michel Lévy-Provençal | CEO & Founder Boma France

Michel is an entrepreneur and futurist. He founded TEDx in France and is co-founder of Brightness, Joshfire and Rue89. He runs a local speaker buereau with 2.000+ speaker relationships.

The Brain trust

The Boma Brain Trust of remarkable people is the heart and soul of our Boma thought leadership. Members of the Boma Brain Trust share our Boma values and collaborate on designing a more human centered future.

Our Brain Trust Members are at the forefront of their field and are constantly wrestling with complex question and trying to tackle the world biggest problems. They understand the value of tackling problems at both a local and global level. They go deep, embrace complexity, while also embracing the magic of cross disciplinary collaboration. Most importantly the strive to drive impact and change.


Joi Ito

Director, MIT Media Lab


Divya Chander



Mo Gawdat

Happiness Futurist


Todd Morley

Founder, Y2X


Salim Ismail

Author, Exponential Organizations


Alexandre Cadain

XPrize AI Ambassador


John Hardy

Green Futurist


Parag Khanna

Author, Technocracy in America


Raymond McCauley

Bio Hacker

Lisa Kay Solomon

Author, Moments of Impact