1. Begin your journey

Bring your burning questions, perplexing challenges, optimism and wonderings


2. dream big

Contemplate radical futures and expand your sense of the possible. Imagine what the world could look like and get excited about bringing your version to life


3. ground your vision

This is where we come back to practicality. Grand visions ARE possible, but only if they are premised on achievable, sustainabl actions.


4. Create your impact

You will leave prepared to take action and inspired to do so. Eager for what lies ahead and chomping at the bit to take the next step.


Be inspired by what the future has to offer and dream a bigger dream

Get excited about the possibilitis and how these will impact your world

Ground, test and critique your vision to bring realism to this future paradigm

Combine your inner dreamer and realist to develop the actionable steps needed to create your impact



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