Inspire, ideate, innovate and impact. The Boma Brain Institute is where the world’s most innovative minds tackle the world most challenging questions.

The Boma Institute provides corporate education programs and thought leadership for our corporate partners, while also providing access to meaningful impact and innovation programs.

Through our innovative curriculum and approach, visionary Boma Brain Trust and academic community, Boma helps organizations transform into agile institutions ready to drive their own disruption. We play at the intersection of technology, science and ethics, driving a more human centered future.

We help organizations answer the question:



So What, now what? 


Our metric of success is actionable outcomes. We want to empower partners and communities to provide transformational learning experiences, linked directly to outcomes, to educate future leaders and changemakers in designing a more human centered future.

Boma brings cross disciplinary and intersectional community members together to learn, challenge, solve problems and take action.