Marc Gray

Founder & CEO, Grayspace7



A dual Australian-American citizen now living in Berlin, Marc Aden Gray brings a rich and varied background to the Pitching and Presentation arena. 

Marc's first career path was acting; he has worked professionally in Sydney, New York and Hollywood, appearing on large professional stages in the US and many television series and films, including a role opposite Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

Marc's coaching career took off during his time in Los Angeles, where he worked with both large and small firms on pitching, communication and human exchange.


This synergy of performance principles and storytelling has also proved effective in Berlin, where Marc has established himself as a leading pitch trainer for large corporates, SME's and several accelerators, including SAP's new IoT accelerator unit. Marc is also giving seminars across Europe on Personal Presence & StoryMaking.

With the founding of his company Grayspace7, Marc is now working with clients here in Berlin, back in the US and in his native Australia.